Thursday, 16 January 2014

And Another Thing

Did I mention that the Dr weighed me? I was like "THIS CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS?!?! Are you having a laugh?"

Turns out he wasn't.

Starting weight 64 kg (140 lbs?). Sounds like a lot right? I'm 175 cm tall (5'9" for the imperialists), my BMI = 20 according to the Heart Foundation so stick that in your pipe.

My ideal starting weight would probably have been closer to 60 kg, but you can't have everything and I'm not about to juice fast now I'm trying to grow a human (plus I think I'm going to need all the fiber I can get. If you know what I mean.). Although I AM about to start cooking properly again, every night. There's no excuse really (other than an empty fridge, a husband working days and studying nights, and no desire to be in the kitchen). I love cooking, I just need to pull my finger out. 

Talking of food, I'm going to start taking a calcium (& Vitamin D) supplement; slightly worried that years and years of Diet Coke drinking has leached all the calcium from my already calcium-depleted bones. Plus, since I don't eat dairy, presumably my dietary intake is not as high as a non-vegan's would be. 

What else? Oh yeah, I'm a bit eeked about folic acid - in that I was diligent in taking it for the 2 months it took to conceive the first time, then I sort of stopped for a couple of weeks post miscarriage. I say a couple but actually could have been 3, and those 2 or 3 weeks would have been the most important time to take it. Frustrating. That 20:20 hindsight is wonderful. Anyway, I'm taking it again now - all I can do really - and hoping that spina bifida  and the other neural tube defects stay away.

OH YES! My latest worry is that this is a molar pregnancy (because it's happened so soon). According to a doctor friend there is "just an outside chance the last pregnancy was one of these sorts of things and that tissue is recollecting and that that gives you the positive pregnancy test". Joy, another thing to add to the growing list of things that can and do go wrong. I believe that if my hCG is really really high it's more likely to be a molar or partial molar... first results should come back today (WHY why why does it take so long?!).

My Jungle Body Fitness class last night was totally rad, in case anyone wonders (or in case future me needs a little bit of motivation when I don't feel like going...). A bit of boxing, a bit of dancing, some hip hop, some ab work - a lot of sweating. My trainers have started to give me a blister between the ball of my foot and my big toe (aren't you glad you asked?) so I'm off to buy some neon ones to match the rest of the world. I hope I can find orange. I did half the class barefoot; totally acceptable given the beautiful and free (read: hippy) corner of the world we live in. I only have one question: how is it that the instructor looks incredible doing every move, and that the rest of the class look like incredible tools? Half glad there are no mirrors but on the other hand it would increase the hilarity factor exponentially

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