Monday, 10 February 2014

Excuses, excuses?

Want a Big Mac. AWFUL admission for a vegan. Have satisfied my craving so far with fake plastic cheese and Vegemite on toast... Hopefully I have the will power to resist the Golden Arches. I'm not too grossed out by craving meat, I am too grossed out by craving fake meat with fake cheese and fake sauce (and what's a Big Mac without fries?!?). Ew.

The thought of most veg and salad turns my stomach, but can (wo)man live on toast alone? Remains to be seen - watch this space.

Am also wondering if being knackered is solely attributable to the pregnancy, or if my laziness has stepped up a notch. Entirely plausible.

Spoke to my mother yesterday who has helpfully told my brother that I'm pregnant. She ALWAYS does this. We told my other brother when he came to stay a couple of weekends ago and I thought we would be the ones to tell our other siblings. Perhaps slightly more annoyed than I should be (can I blame hormones?), but it feels like interfering and it pisses me off. I am generally crabby though - probably something to do with my stomach wanting to be on the outside of my body all the time.

Husband lovely. Trying to trick my body into eating veg so he made a big batch of veg and barley soup last night. I went I get some from the fridge for lunch this morning and he'd packed it all into lunch size containers for me for a few days. Cute. Plus he actually bought me flowers yesterday morning while I was working at my volunteer job. Double cute. He probably deserves some loving from his wife - if only his wife didn't pass out by 9 every night. If only nausea made her feel sexy. Must make an effort (must also not puke or ask for puke break during sex).

Work is outrageously busy (that sounds better than it is, it actually makes me want to cry. And vomit.). At the moment I could quite happily stay at home under my duvet all day and pretend that my only job is snuggling and reading fiction and going to the odd power yoga class. That would be lovely.

Must have a weekend of doing nothing soon. Went to a festival this weekend and although it was awesome I piked early and went home to bed. Exhausting. Missed my fave bands but did see some awesome music so can't complain toooooooooo much. All day in the sun, surrounded by wasted people, with a headache, unable to keep my eyes open... Perhaps festivals are out until next summer now.

So, scan on Friday. Hopefully it's grown and still has a heartbeat. Can't ask for much more than that. The cramps have gone away and my boobs aren't as sore which, trust me, is fantastic news when you're a stomach sleeper. The lack of cramps is pretty rad too, I tend to get cramps the second my period starts so equate them with imminent bleeding. Obviously not a wonderful association when you're trying to stop thinking about miscarrying. My nips have grown (in case you were wondering - bet you were) and I've had to remove my piercing for the first time in 15 years. Other than to change jewelry, of course. Now my boobs look all natural and odd. 

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