Monday, 17 February 2014

Heartbeats and Flowers

Well, we've had another scan (Friday afternoon), and The Passenger still has a heartbeat - this is good! First scan that didn't involve a vaginal probe, which was nice. Heart rate is up to 163 bpm and I am reliably informed (old wives' tales) that this means we're having a girl. Lucky we have some rad girls names! We also have some rad boys names since it's probably best not to put all your eggs into one old wives' basket - what better way to spend an hour in the car than shortlisting names?

The next car journey was spent trying to pick who we would leave The Passenger to in the unlikely event of both our deaths. It's an very, very short list, and no guarantees that whoever we want will want our offspring. Pretty morbid but by the time this thing is born (still have fingers crossed it cooks that long), we would like to have a will in place and the most important part of that is making sure it's looked after when we're not around. 

Onto happier things. I feel ROUGH. Can't get enough sleep but our mattress is totally crap. We swapped our sinking mattress for the sprung one from the spare room a few nights ago in what can be classed as our worst sleeping move yet. Neither of us can sleep on this one, it's uncomfortable, bouncy, and when one person moves (which we do a lot) the other person wakes up and gets cranky. Gargh. So we tried out a few on Saturday and it's honestly too big a decision. How can I possibly decide what I want to sleep on for the next 10 years?? Yeah, 10 years. That's how long they're supposed to last! Actually, we tried an awesome gel mattress - it was like lying in a cloud - but the $4.5K price tag is way out of our league. Note to self: do not climb on mattresses you can't afford, it will only upset you.

Also contributing to the exhaustion is the bloody bird that moved into our street a few days ago. It starts squawking at 4:30 am and continues for hours at a rate of 1 squawk every 7 seconds. I've counted. So I've been getting up at 4:30 am which, although I'm a morning person, is just TOO FUCKING EARLY. I have no idea what it is, where it's come from or how to get rid of it. Suggestions welcome. 

Had a pretty good weekend, mainly napping and hanging out with the man I'm married to (didn't see any friends which is rare but was nice to just hang out by ourselves). Still having to trick myself into eating veg; made an awesome spag (pasta shells actually but doesn't have the same ring) bol last night with carrots, courgettes, peppers, onions, tomatoes all cut up really small so I wouldn't think about eating them. Yup, applying knowledge gained feeding fussy children in the past to feeding my non-fussy, actually vegan, adult self. Awesome.

Other things...

Haven't heard anything back about the job interview yet.  No news is good news? Hmm. Not so sure. 

Feeling a bit homesick for my poor flooded home country. We're still trying to work out when to go home for a visit - weddings in May and July but I might have a work trip in March, in which case we might go to NZ instead of the UK in May or June. We'll decide after I'm 12 weeks anyway - if I get that far then I could be 7 months pregnant on a 21 hour flight in economy in July, which would suck a bit. A lot. Airlines get a bit shirty after a while; after 28 weeks you need a letter from the doctor in order to fly, and after 36 weeks long haul is out. And probably bloody uncomfortable.

Our wedding was featured on Rock 'N' Roll Bride! It was an amazing wedding, if I do say so myself...

Oooooooooooh and last week I had a husband upgrade. Flowers at home on Monday, and delivered to work on Thursday and Friday. It's only taken the best part of 6 years and a lot of subtle hints that have possibly turned into nagging. The Thursday roses were apparently so I would think he got the wrong day, then the huge bouquet on Friday were even more of a surprise. I know people are funny about flowers and Valentine's Day being a Hallmark Holiday (I think so too), but if my husband needs that as an excuse to buy me flowers, then so be it. We never go overboard with this crap but I LOVE having fresh flowers in the house and it's a real treat. Besides, he's making up lost flowers.

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