Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My Passenger Has a Heartbeat

The doctor is happy with everything, so I am going to be happy with everything too!

I don't remember everything that was discussed, but I have a 2.5 cm cyst on my right ovary which is probably why it hurts (nothing to worry about), and a lower chance of miscarrying now the pregnancy has been confirmed viable and we've seen the teeny heartbeat. Which is good. He also prescribed Maxolon so I don't vomit and do more damage to my jaw than I've already done. Oh yeah, the jaw.

15+ years of grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw (hello anxiety monster, won't you visit me while I sleep?) has not only damaged my teeth, which we knew about, but has also shagged my jaw. Shagged it quite badly it turns out. Basically, the disc in my jaw has slipped, and I'm now locked in slightly the wrong place (which is a pain in the, well, jaw). The specialist dude couldn't manipulate it back into the right place so I have physio exercises to do morning and night and will go back in 3 weeks to pick up ANOTHER splint to wear at night; this one to protect my jaw, not just my teeth. $1300 well spent? Only if my unconscious self doesn't reject this one as it did the last - I go to sleep with it in, wake up with it out. Still, better than surgery which is my next option...

Anyway, now I don't have to exacerbate things/dislocate my jaw again by vomiting because I have magic pills. Yippee.

What else? Ah yes, I'm going for an "anti-anxiety" scan in a week and a half. The GP said the radiological people will think he's barmy but he thinks it will help me (and so do I), so who cares what they think? Whilst all this thinking is going on, I think I like this man. I also enjoy the fact that my husband, who I previously (wrongly) assumed wouldn't have much to do with the pregnancy until the birth, is planning on coming to all of the scans.

After that it's back to him for some chromosomal risk tests, then a 12 week scan, then "a pretty boring time up until the anatomy scan" during which I "won't even really be showing, and won't be so tired or nauseous". Sounds rad. Also sounds a little untrue looking at my sweaty, swollen, 2nd trimester friends.

Before I go back there are some decisions to be made. He asked me to choose an obstetrician - but I don't want to. I don't want any more medical intervention that strictly necessary, no pushing of drugs or surgery. So my choices (given that I would rather a natural birth in water - however, I reserve the right to demand an epidural at any time) are home-birth using Community Midwives, or birth at midwife led maternity hospital. First though, Medicare need to pull their finger out and decide once and for all if I'm actually entitled to their coverage. For the past 2 years they have said I'm not, but the exemption people (I applied to for a certificate which would allow me to claim 2.75% of my salary back for the past 2 years) say I am and have been since we arrived. I'm tired of this fight. Off to the Medicare office tomorrow lunchtime for some more battling. My private health insurance covers pregnancy and birth but only in a hospital, and not midwife led. Blablablablabla.

Seems really silly and early to have to make these decisions.


Spoke to BUPA and looks like I definitely should get me some Medicare. Also spoke to a million people at Medicare and now need to send my passport away and pay immigration some more money to put a paper visa in it. Only then (and when my EHICS card arrives from the UK) will I be entitled to a Medicare card. Apparently, I could have had medicare all along if only my visa was paper, not electronic. Go Australia! Way to save the trees and enter the digital age convincingly! Woo!

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