Monday, 31 March 2014

All Quiet on the Bump Front

Nothing much happening at the moment. The midwife cancelled again (the woman who went into labour at 3am clearly wasn't aware of our appointment later in the day), so now we're seeing her next weekend when she's not on call. Hopefully.

We had a wander around a baby shop on Friday and bought a long body pillow for my sleeping pleasure. Now we just need to find room in the bed for both the pillow and HN1 - he's convinced he only gets 10% of the bed as it is, poor lamb. Another bedtime thing I have to start doing is wearing my jaw splint; until now a total waste of $800. So, from tonight, I shall wear my horrid bit of plastic that doesn't leave room for my tongue but will make my jaw better and allow HN1 to sleep through the night without my grinding and snapping waking him up. At least one of us is sleeping well! Hopefully the body pillow will help when front sleeping gets too hard or uncomfortable, or becomes a literal balancing act. 

I have to say here that the baby shop we went to was totally overwhelming. How on Earth do people choose when there is SO. MUCH. CHOICE?? If anyone knows how exactly we're supposed to choose a car seat, for example, please do let me know. Other than spinning round and round on the spot with my eyes closed and buying whichever one I'm pointing at when I stop, I have very little idea. Ditto the buggy. WTF? 3 wheels or 4? Something that looks fit for the Sahara Marathon or something that looks fit for Mary Poppins? And do you have any idea how much you can spend on this stuff?!?!?!

What else is going on?

Oh yeah, I'm feeling pretty shit about the way I look - more so than usual. I have not-quite-spots-more-like-blotches on my chest, my face skin feels all dull, my haircut is just nothing, and I feel really soft and squishy in my body. So I'm avoiding the mirror and wearing baggy/drapey/covery clothes, and eating a lot of chocolate. Nutella from the jar? Often. But on the plus side it does contain nuts... and maybe some calcium? I actually ordered some maternity jeans (burgundy leopard print, obvs) and a maternity dress last night, just to see* and to have on hand should I suddenly balloon. Although I feel like a whale, I'm only a wee bit bigger around my waist - goodbye super skinny jeans soon - and this morning I was 0.7 kg heavier than I was at the start. The Dr told me to keep my salt and fluid intake up, presumably he meant to say that Doritos and Earl Grey tea will help keep my blood pressure up (90/60 at the moment, so not quite dead). I'm pretty sure that's the take home message anyway.

Apart from that, and being hungry all the time, being 15 weeks pregnant is a lot like not being pregnant at all.

Still no news on my request for annual leave. Might spend the rest of the afternoon looking at flights anyway... AND less than 2 weeks until we set off up north for our honeymoon where the whale sharks await!

*For the record, maternity clothes are mostly horrible. All elasticated panels, ruching, and empire lines. Bleurgh. What if I want something in between the super clingy "oh look! back fat and a muffin top" and the potato sack? Too bad, that's what. I'll see what belly bands can do for me first I think - extending the wear I can get out of my normal clothes seems sensible. Might think about some maternity tops when the top of my trousers and the bottom of my tops begin to part ways.

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