Wednesday, 23 April 2014

We swam with TURTLES! And Whale Sharks (and so, so much more)!

We're back! And ohmygod that was completely brilliant. A LOT of driving, but we're pretty good at long distance driving and this time we weren't living in a van - haven't we come a long way?! (Actually, we're planning more travels, possibly involving a van and a mattress and definitely involving a baby). Any travel plans are still very much in the abstract stage, but it was so nice just hanging out together, and seeing so many new and awesome things, and just having the freedom to be wherever and do whatever we wanted.

Everything was amazing. Swimming with whale sharks and turtles (!!) and exploring the reef and sailing for four days, waking up to a beautiful sunrise on a boat each morning and sailing and snorkeling and eating and reading all day every day... Must have swum miles and miles! Such beautiful, refreshing places too, the desert and the ocean. Wouldn't it be nice to have a 10 day break four times a year?

I'm pretty stoked at the moment that at nearly 19 weeks I still don't look pregnant (thick-waisted yes - see above pic, that's a 7m shark by the way - but not pregnant). HN1 tells me repeatedly that HE can see it, HE can tell, but that's because he sees me in the buff every day and is therefore more prone to noticing small changes. I can tell, and have moved into the most comfortable maternity skinny jeans in the world. I have no bump but the elastic waist is a million times better than sitting all day in my regular trousers which still do up but are now flagging on the comfort front. Thankfully nobody can tell that my rad red leopard print jeans are maternity-topped! Still, feeling smug that my (reportedly awesome) abs are holding it all in. For now. I think I'll "pop" (?) sooner rather than later though; the past week I've had cramps and pains in my stomach area and sides which I think means my, erm, everything is trying to stretch. 

I took my yoga mat on our travels but honestly did hardly anything. It was nice to stretch out after marathon driving days of hundreds of kms, but I didn't actually "work out". Last night I dragged my arse to class and I think I feel better for it. There are quite a lot of variations I have to do at the moment (teacher enforced) and most of the "power" components of  the "power yoga" class I've been going to for the past 2 years are out. So it's more gentle than I'm used to, and my muscles don't scream and shake but I know it's still beneficial to me (even if it's harder to gauge now I can't measure by how much sweating I've done). Headstand is bliss, shoulder stand makes me want to hurl - go figure. I'll consult The Internet later and find some safe TV ab exercises to do along with my Kegels. Urgh, Kegels. Absolutely the most boring things in the history of the universe.

Aaaah yesterday I told my boss I was knocked up. He didn't explode into a ball of fiery wrath or fire me on the spot, which is nice. Rather, he said "congratulations, I thought you'd been looking a bit pale". So that went better than expected. My PR application is going ahead but there won't be any paid parental leave for me. Saving our pennies now, we won't have a lot of money but we'll be fine and a lot better off than most of the world.

What else? HN1's wedding ring is chilling at the bottom of the ocean with a whale shark. He was very cute when he realised he'd lost it, but it's really not a big deal. Ironic to loose it on our very belated honeymoon having managed to hold onto it since the wedding, but nothing to get upset about (and I can't think of a more magic place for it to be now). We'll either get another, or we won't.  

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