Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Little Journey

Eeeep it's been a while. The Blogger app on my phone just doesn't cut the mustard though... Plus I've been soaking up the rain in the UK - enough excuses? 

It was REALLY nice to spend some time at home, although a 10 day trip was never, ever, ever, going to be long enough. Brief summary? OK. (This is more for me than anyone else, much like this blog. I'll never remember anything otherwise).

I arrived Friday morning, mum met me at the airport and drive me home to London, I had a nap and then went for a pregnancy massage. Best. Idea. Ever. It would have been blissful anyway, but after a 24 hour journey? I think I'll be making this a permanent fixture of my travel routine (obvs not always a pregnancy specific massage). Saturday morning had brunch with mum, my bro and his girlfriend at the Delaunay to celebrate his election win, then went walking and shopping with mum who bought me pretty much a new maternity wardrobe. Saturday afternoon coffee (not for me) with N who cried into his menu when I let slip the sex of our future munchkin (no great surprise there given the extreme waterworks at our wedding!), then dinner and drinks (soft for me) with L & N whos wedding I'm helping to plan for next summer. Having (mis)spent years off my tits in Soho, it was slightly bizarre to be hanging out there stone cold sober. Sunday morning coffee (tea for me) with C at Drink Shop Do in King's Cross then lunch with G & R, who are expecting a baby girl a week before our tiny person is due, in Surrey, then spent the night with K & T and brand new baby Jack who is cute as a button. Pretty busy weekend. K & I made microwave chocolate cake - it felt justified, with me being knocked up and her being a new mum - which, it turns out, is pretty revolting. 

Monday late afternoon I left to drive to our place in the country... I hated every second of the drive! It pissed rain most of the way there, and roads that were once as familiar as the back of my hand (when we lived in Surrey) were alien and horrid. I downloaded a satnav for my phone, which involved updating the OS, which killed my phone for the rest of the week. Literally dead. Won't be doing that again! I stopped at services half way there and had a little cry and felt sorry for myself. I actually decided I wouldn't drive any more, but had to reverse that decision when I realised it was stupid and that nobody in their right mind was going to come and pick me up from a garage on the M4. I blame being pregnant and possibly a teeny bit tired and jet lagged for my sorry state. The rest of the drive was uneventful (unless you count stalling a couple of times. What? It's hard to remember you're driving a manual sometimes - even though it might be the car you drove for years before moving across the world and buying an automatic. Ahem).

Spent Tuesday with H & M, went for a lovely walk when the rain stopped briefly, Wednesday with EFW (Yay!), dinner Weds night with EFW & K at some bla tapas place in Gloucester - rated by TripAdvisor, probably the best in Glos, but still distinctly average. Thurs & Fri hung out with mum mostly, by myself some, and at the Merc garage for a while when our front brakes went. Funtimes. Saturday went to L & H's wedding and had a fab time with my friends from primary school who (funnily enough) I didn't get to spend enough time with last time I was back in the UK for my wedding.

Saturday night I drove back to London, the ONLY advantage to not being able to drink. Getting TO London was easy, getting THROUGH London was slightly more nightmarish (I'd forgotten/blocked out how awful traffic can be, even at midnight). I hadn't felt the baby move all day, since Friday night in fact, and expected the usual Riverdance to begin when I went to bed... But still nothing. It was a bit concerning but I decided to sleep on it. Still nothing Sunday morning, tried tea and juice and cold water and lying down and sitting down and jumping up and down - nada. HN1 (who was home in Oz) texted our midwife and she advised that I should go to hospital, so I did. The midwife couldn't find the heartbeat with her Doppler machine, but could hear blood flow. Great. That didn't make me the slightest bit anxious. Fuck. Then the consultant came and scanned me and all was well. Heart was beating and in the right place, measurements were fine, lots of amniotic fluid. Cue relief. (also cue my mother allowing me to get on my flight back to Oz). 

Went from the hospital to lunch at my Fairy Godfather's house then home to pick up bursting suitcase (the baby may or may not now have more clothes that its father) then to the airport to wave bye to mum and have a little cry in the security line. The baby started kicking again as I waited at the gate and hasn't stopped since, which feels sooooooo much better than no kicking.

It's nice to be home, it was nice to see HN1 when I walked through security. It was even nicer to get home and find a hot water bottle already in the bed for me and my giant maternity pillow ready for a proper horizontal sleep. Yum. (Except I couldn't sleep and has the worst restless night and decided I couldn't stand the smell of anything in our house and needed to change that immediately. Damn my sensitive pregnant nose and damn jet lag. The house is now aired, I've rewashed all the sheets, cleaned the kitchen and tidied up most of the general disarray. I love Husband Number 1, but I wish he was a clean/neat freak).

In related news, I've decided to heed advice and take things a little bit easier. I'm almost 6 months pregnant and so far have pretty much refused to acknowledge it, or change anything about my life - other than drinking and sushi (which I'm almost sure would be totally fine to eat) - but perhaps this little hospital visit was a sign. I won't be going to Byron Bay for the hen weekend at the end of the month, instead I'll hang out at home (and maybe research a car seat). A 5 hour flight and 2 hour drive is not what the doctor is ordering. 

Now it's mid afternoon and my face is crying out for a nap but I WILL NOT GIVE IN. 

Tomorrow night we have our first hypnobirthing session. I'll update blog once I'm a more enlightened human.

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