Thursday, 3 July 2014

Track Marks

I look like a junkie, but I don't have gestational diabetes! Yay. I'm actually pretty far below the threshold - go pancreas and your awesome insulin producing capabilities.

The test is pretty boring and a bit grim: Fast for 12 hours, go to hospital, have litres of blood drawn, drink a huge rank green drink containing 75g of sugar in under 5 minutes, go to waiting room for an hour with instructions to not get up and move around and not eat or drink anything. Spend hour in waiting room trying not to throw up while the green drink tries to crawl back up throat, get called back for next blood draw. The timer is reset, spend another hour in the waiting room trying not to let the green drink escape, get called back for third and final blood draw.

For the record, the bruises got worse.

After which I didn't bother with work - head full of cold and feeling pretty shitty (took the next day off too). It's amazing how, now that I'm pregnant, people at work have an opinion on the height of my heels, what I eat, how much yoga I do, that I still ride my bike, yet they don't think twice about coming to the office sick and sitting next to the pregnant lady with zero immune system. Charming.

Anyway, I've decided I'm having a breezy pregnancy (aside from the stress at the start, I think I'm getting used to being knocked up now - which is good with 12 weeks to go).

Onto my breezy birth. Technically the baby's birth, not mine. We're not doing very well at practicing the Hypnobirthing scripts together; I listen to my relaxation and affirmations every night (each on alternate nights), but it just feels weird when HN1 gets involved. I'm not sure he understands what we're doing or trying to achieve and it feels really awkward. If it feels like this now it's never going to work and he may as well go to the pub rather than being at the birth.

Well that was last week (I still look like a junkie though), I've taken another longer-than-the-half-hour-blog-break. It's too easy. We're still crap at practicing, and we're no better at remembering to take photos. We had big plans at the beginning to do a little time lapse pregnancy video thing, but have become less and less enthusiastic - possibly because my body isn't changing very much. Actually, now it it is. There's a huge (to my eyes) difference between 2 days ago and today; I think I'm actually beginning to look pregnant now! Finally - in the 29th week... I'll add some pics so I know what I'm talking about later.

28 weeks and 1 day (who's counting? an app on my phone, that's who)

28 weeks and 4 days (the difference FEELS enormous, OK?)

Work blows. My projects are being taken away from me, and after I finish this report for the government I have no idea what will occupy my time. 7 weeks remain until maternity leave (provided the Dr complies with my request for a medical certificate to work past 34 weeks). Although, since the letter I sent the CEO (and the other letter with 2 pages of signatures) after the publication of the abysmal Workplace Gender Equality Report, there may be some movement on the paid parental leave front. I don't want to count my chickens, but 12 weeks pay may be coming my way - the culmination of 2 solid years of campaigning and complaining. If this is the case, and I still hate it here, I may well pack up my desk at 34 weeks and wave goodbye with my middle finger. Watch this space. "Won't you be bored?". Resounding NO.

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