Thursday, 21 August 2014

And breeeeathe. That was a bit of a ranty post (though not entirely out of character; this whole blog thing is a bit ranty).

On Friday I saw my midwife who told me I'm entitled to a second opinion and referred me to KEMH for just that. KEMH is the state's largest maternity hospital and takes all high risk cases, but best of all, their medical director of obstetrics is experienced in "assisting" vaginal breech birth.

It's a public hospital so we weren't expecting an appointment immediately, but on Tuesday they texted to say I had an 8am appointment on Wednesday. Speedy. Yesterday was anything but. I left the house at 7 (traffic was a bitch the day before and although the hospital is only 20-ish mins away, traffic get s awful at 7:30), and sod's law arrived before 7:30. The clinic opened at 8 and I was the first one at the desk (small victories), but even so I wasn't seen by a triage midwife until almost 10. She took my BP and went through my notes in the bit between the corridor and the waiting room because there were no rooms available - amazingly (given how pissed off I was with waiting), my BP was normal. Then I had to wait to see the doctor, convinced that I would have a parking ticket given that my parking expired at 10, but not wanting to leave to move the car and miss my place in line. DILEMMA.

The doc was really nice, we talked a bit about breech options and ECV pros and cons and she sent me for a growth and wellbeing scan to look at Pod and fluid etc. then saw me back in the clinic. My fluid level has almost doubled and Pod is growing just fine - she's bang on average - so we're booked in for an ECV on Monday. This will be at 36 weeks, they usually do them a bit later but Pod is already settling down into my pelvis getting ready to engage with her legs rather than her head. Originally we weren't thrilled with the idea of an ECV and the associated risks (tiny risk but big consequences), but they are successful 60% of the time. This goes down to 30% for me apparently because I'm a first time mother and my core is strong and tight. 30% is still better than nothing, and the foggy moxibustion and the pseudo-scientific chiropractic sessions haven't worked. If Pod doesn't turn, or if she flips right back to where she's been for the past couple of months, I'll see the same doctor again to discuss ALL of our options, not just a caesarean. Mission accomplished? I think so. If we have to have a c/s I feel that now it will at least be for a good reason, not purely due to lack of training, experience and confidence of the obstetrician prescribing it.

We're missing one of my oldest friend's weddings in Brisbane this weekend. Not awesome, but I really don't want to give birth hover there! Nor do I wish to sit on a plane for 5 hours and then drive for 2 (selfish?), and I really can't be bothered to fight with the doctor and the airline about flying more than 4 hours past 36 weeks. So I did as I was asked and recorded a super awkward (that wasn't part of the request) video to play during the speeches. 1 minute and 7 seconds proving why I will never be a YouTube star. You win some you lose some.

I'll probably put a tummy picture on here when I get home - I have ballooned somewhat. Wearing a pair of non-maternity pants today though (WIN). I'm up 10 kgs from the start and don't even want to think about how long it will take for my legs to get back to their pre-baby shapeliness :(. At least I'm not swollen (yet); my ankles may even look thinner than they used to purely because my legs have grown around them. AGAIN with the small victories.

Just cancelled my remaining appointments at the you-must-have-a-caesarean hospital. Feels good.

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