Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Mini update until I can do better!

Lots has happened since I last posted! 

Last Monday we went to the hospital for an ECV - most painful thing ever, but Pod turned! We now have a head down baby, my cervix is safe from tiny feet, we're back on the CMP and all set for a home birth in a couple of weeks!

I should write down what was involved with the ECV so I don't forget, and I WILL come back and do that (just as soon as I've had a nap). We were at the hospital for hours and hours for what should have been a 2 hour in and out, basically because our baby is so zen and they couldn't get a rise in heart rate out of her. Anyway, she seems to have coped fine with the procedure (my tummy is still bruised though!).

The other thing that's happened is my birthday. As of yesterday, I am 30. THIRTY. Good thing I'm so pregnant or I might be having a meltdown... Baby trumps the 30 crisis somewhat.

Baby has also sapped my iron stores in the past few weeks (last blood test was totally normal, this one is waaaaaay low). My levels have always been off the charts but now my ferritin is completely depleted! This might be why I feel so tired and groggy - going to start a supplement today.

First up, that nap.

Oh, also, my body has completely changed shape since they turned mini-me. Behold:

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