Sunday, 25 January 2015


I thought I'd write a little bit about the unit, mainly so I don't forget. I'm sure some of it will be repetition but whatever. I'm a psych patient, you can forgive me these things.

There is room for 8 mothers and their babies up to the age of 1. We have a big-ish kitchen with a food fridge and a milk fridge and a separate area at one end for washing and preparing bottles. It's all open plan but no babies are allowed in the kitchen. There's a dining area (with REALLY heavy chairs), a lounge area with TV and coffee table where we do jigsaws, and a gated play area for the babies with soft mats on the floor and sofas around. Each baby has their own playmat and toys, and all the toys are cleaned each night. Our bedrooms are all ensuite with an extra sink and a baby bath in each room. There's also a change table and a cot and a chair. My room looks out onto the street and I keep the window open to let the warm air in (fucking air con).

There's also a separate lounge where we generally meet with the docs and the group room where we have group therapy. We can also craft there. Nobody does.

The psych nurses have a maximum of 2 patients each day and whoever we're assigned looks after us and our babies. There are 3 shifts per 24 hours. During work hours the psychiatrist, psychologist and medical doctor are around. So far I've met with the psychiatrist and MD every other day.

There's also Dona the cleaning lady who makes awesome bread and keeps asking when my mum is coming back from London.

I'm checked on every 30 mins day and night. At night this means someone comes in and shines a torch on me... At these times I really do feel like an inmate, but generally it's not too bad.

We're supposed to let our nurse know how we're feeling and, in my case, if I feel like hurting myself too. This week I've graduated from only being allowed out with a nurse or a husband to being allowed out for an hour alone if I feel good. Not sure how I feel alone at the moment though.

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