Saturday, 17 January 2015

Some Observations

1) I'm not exactly smashing the psych patient stereotype by sitting here doing a jigsaw puzzle
2) the other mums are pretty normal (so far, ask me after my first group therapy session)
3) there are a LOT of staff. I've had my own nurse every day plus a mother craft nurse, plus the dr and the psychiatrist and the psychologist and other nurses who will always help you
4) there are lots of drugs and no reason to feel like crawling out of your skin
5) I like lorazepam 
6) I like quetiapine (so far)
7) BabyF is sleeping beautifully in the nursery - why the fuck she can't do that at home is beyond me
8) there are no shower curtains
9) the taps are stubby handles
10) 8&9 may be because we're on a psych ward
11) despite 10, we eat with real cutlery. Go Us.

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