Friday, 17 April 2015

I wrote this a while ago...

...It's been a while and we've been fairly busy, BabyF has mainly been busy being ill. Coughing and spluttering and snotting all over the place has been our game for the past couple of weeks. She has also decided that breast feeding is no longer for her (thanks anyway to Daisy for the lactation cookies which have now gone to a better, lactating home). I have mixed feelings about the breastfeeding; mainly I'm glad that it was her decision to stop - it takes away most of the guilt - but I do miss the calm cuddle time. We still have cuddles but only when Miss Independent says so. 

She's so independent and now she's crawling like a champ and exploring her world I think she's happier than when she was stationary. But as I mentioned previously, it's getting harder and harder to get her to sleep, probably because she's so stimulated that she can't wind down. Whatever the reason, it's exhausting. 

That was a while ago! Almost 2 months ago, in fact. I know this because BabyF weened herself off the boob from one day to the next when she was six months, and now she's eight months and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. I'm going to start a new post.

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