Thursday, 17 December 2015

Extra... Kilos.

Apparently, this last year of adulting has been about gaining 20 kg. TWENTY. That's a fuck ton of kilos my friends, a fuck ton. Now do you understand why I'm so angry about the drugs they put me on in hospital when they knew full well they would make me gain weight? Six months, they said, then you can come off them, they said. Lies... all lies. 

So I've decided to do something about it. I've changed 50% of my meds (potential give up date of March, watch this space for more lies) and I've started the 90 day SSS plan by The (lovely) Body Coach. The Plan is hard. Not the exercise part - 4 or 5 HIIT sessions a week is totes doable - but the food part. The plan is split into three cycles of 30 days, Shift, Shape, and Sustain. The food and exercise changes with the cycle, but cycle 1 is heavy on the HIIT and light on the carbs. ALL of the food you eat has to come from a set of recipes, low carb options, refuel options and snacks. Lots of cooking is involved and preparation is key (so I'm told, I wouldn't actually know). If I had a fridge full of containers marked 'breakfast', 'lunch', and 'dinner', I'd be incredibly happy - I also wouldn't have time to have a baby, a husband, a blog, 2 books on the go, a Facebook account or a phone. My shopping didn't arrive until Monday night and we were away all weekend so I didn't really give myself much of a chance. Maybe this Sunday I'll spend the day prepping rather than fannying about in London, although I did lie on the couch and plan what I would eat this week. Not much has gone according to my plan, but I'm sticking to The Plan. 

Low carb, mountains of leafy greens (MOUNTAINS. My fridge is full of bags of kale and lettuce), carb meals after exercise, 2 snacks per day and 3 litres of water. I woke up this morning feeling disgusting and decided to have a rest day. Then this afternoon I discovered that I wanted a bagel more than I wanted to sit on my arse so I rallied and did a HIIT session. Gorgeous sweaty bagel. Some of the food so far has made me gag, some is just about edible, and then there's the bagel.

Aside from being distraught when I had to submit my weight and measurements - I cried for ages - things are going pretty well in terms of depression, anxiety and psychosis. I'm not down, I'm not panicking, and I'm not seeing (mostly) or hearing things. A girl can't ask for more. I saw my psych last week and now don't need to see her until March; winning. 

Nothing else going on really. Nearly Christmas, the tree is up and looking Christmassy. I've finished my present thinking and buying and wrapping (little bit of making left to do), ordered the turkey (which I won't be eating), and decorated one room. Now just need the rest of my family to arrive and we'll be all set. Freyja doesn't have a clue what's going on. I think she vaguely wants to open the presents under the tree, and vaguely wants to pull the decorations off - who knew that letting her play with Christmas decorations in the bath (don't ask) would lead to her thinking that the Christmas tree is a toy? Anyway, she'll love the wrapping paper and the boxes and most of all the people and the attention!

Oh, I've applied for some jobs and Kane has had a job interview today! TBH they would have to offer him a good package for us to move. It's going to be tough to live on one wage - I know, loads of people do it, but it's something we haven't faced before. 

I need a bath. Peace out.

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