Friday, 22 January 2016

Brass Monkeys

It's mid-afternoon and it's freezing and foggy and frosty. The crap winter sun can't penetrate the fog to melt the frost (or warm my bones up). Technically, and I like to be technical, it's below freezing. It has warmed up since this morning though, and now it's a balmy minus 2. This weather makes me want to hibernate! It also makes me want to fly straight back to Western Australia and hit the nearest beach with some classy cans of g&t, some tunes, and some trash crime fiction. In my fantasy I'm not lugging a baby and all associated paraphernalia behind me and I'm not on constant drowning alert.

On Monday we went swimming with Kate and her girls. Freddie is too independent for her own good - she can't swim yet and barely floats in armbands yet pushes me away and won't be held or helped until she's under and inhaling water. I must look like the worst person to be in charge of a child with this half drowned rat I keep having to fish out of the water. She hasn't managed to drown yet, but it's exhausting keeping her alive at the pool. I think we're going to sign up for some swimming lessons if they're not too expensive (we bought a car and now we're broke. But at least we have our own car now, we're not total scroungers).

Tomorrow I'm going to bath with 2 of my bestest girls for the weekend. It's going to be amazing (Kane is also amazing, it was his idea for a belated bday present for the three of us to go away for a whole weekend). Probs some drinks on Friday night, Spa and food on Saturday, then some more drinks, then lunch on Sunday and home. 2 nights of beautiful sleep in a bed without a small human! I also get to hang with the girls which is rad. Obvs. The only downside to the weekend is spending a good part of Saturday in a swimming costume. Eep.  I'm dreading this part but looking forward to the pools and massage and roof soak. 

The Body Coach diet is over for me for now. I submitted my first month and nothing had changed - not the numbers on the scales or the numbers on the tape measure - even though I followed to the letter. Maybe it's just not the diet for me, maybe I'm an idiot for being duped by all the amazeballs transformation pictures, who knows? So this week I went to Slimming World and signed up for 12 weeks. I had my first weigh in and stayed for my first "group" which was quite sweet but I imagine it's the same every week so we'll see how often I actually stay. I quite like the accountability of being weighed every week, even if I don't like to be weighed with any clothes on (I imagine the ladies of Mitcheldean wouldn't take too kindly to me stripping off). Nobody else sees your weight apart from the lady weighing you, but they do go round the room and share the losses and gains. I'm not too hopeful for a loss this week which blows, but there's drinking to be done at the weekend. I'll just have to try to make healthy food choices and maybe even stay away from cocktails. Gasp.

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