Saturday, 2 January 2016

New year, new me. Or not.

This year, 2016, is going to be better than last year. It has to be. I'm going to get even better, get thin, get a job, get some sunshine and get a life. We might go to Iceland (for a weekend), we might not. We might go back to Freo (for good), we might not. We don't need to decide right now, although I think it's on the cards. I'm trying to be objective and manage my rose tinted hindsight, but it's tough. The decision would be so easy if Australia was a bit closer, and if mum wasn't going to be so far away. We'd have to cope on our own, but that shouldn't be a massive problem as long as I don't get unwell again. 

Oof, lots to think about but there's time. Although at the moment it feels like we're in limbo so it would be nice to have a plan... As nice as it is living here, and we all love it, we are really isolated. I am really isolated. I want good friends nearby, I want to have things to do and places to go and people to go with. 

We saw in the new year with good people. Emma, Kristin and Tony (and Jack and bump) came to spend it with us and there was lots of food and fun and drink and a huge amount of fireworks. Freyja woke us up at 5:20 this morning, less than 3 hours after I got to bed. Managed to get her back to sleep in our bed with milk and she woke us up with kisses and 'mama's and 'dada's at about 7:30 - possibly the best way to wake up to a new year. (I got up even though it wasn't my turn because I'm made of tougher stuff than my husband).

Since Christmas Freyja hasn't stopped saying mama, dada, and nana; it's pretty cute. She's learning some new signs too (which means that I need to learn some new signs sharpish), and starting to play on her own a bit more. All up I think things are getting easier. I'm glad Kane has decided to stay part time at work though, we're so lucky to be in a position at the moment where we don't need him to work full time. It's rare I think for both parents to be able to spend so much time with their child, and Freyja loves it. He's an amazing dad. Also, I like having him around. I feel more secure and confident with Kane here so Freyja isn't the only one benefiting. The thought of Kane working full time at the moment scares me a bit - maybe I'm not so tough. 

What I am is tired. Happy New Year people.

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