Wednesday, 10 February 2016

In sickness and in health. But there is no health here.

I'm feeling totally un-fucking-inspired.

This week I have mostly been cleaning up sick, courtesy of Freyja who has been a hot mess. I'd never been covered in sick before, and I wasn't missing out - it's not something I'd recommend (let alone 3 times in one night). Now Kane has been struck down with whatever plague Freyja had, or possibly a new plague, but a gross one nonetheless. Since about 4 o clock this morning he's been exploding from both ends and even managed to faint. That was a pretty shit way to wake up - the sound of a tall man falling over in a relatively small bathroom - and then when I couldn't wake him up I did the grown up thing and yelled for my mum. So a pretty rude awakening for all of us I think.

ARGH I came back to this and wrote a sparkling and LONG post and now it's gone. FUCKING GONE.

In short:
- Freyja is still being sick every night. Lots of laundry. She's also not eating, so we're going to try to get an appointment to see the Dr tomorrow (unless she's not sick tonight).
- Kane is fine
- I've applied for a job in Perth
- If we can find work we'll be moving back there after the "summer" here

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